A qualified mind, that is; a mind that has qualities of great value such as autonomy, merit and respect.

It is a personal development tool that explains various characteristics of human behavior and its cognitive processes. It generates well-being in people, improves the ability to make balanced decisions and helps strengthen the spiritual growth of each being.


For the transformation of your being

It is essential to feel good, first with yourself and then with your surroundings, understanding each other as one. With the different approaches of TQM you will discover tools that will allow you to improve and find the center of your essence.


Face to Face

Lectures Show

More than a conference, it is a space for interaction with the public through music, breathing and meditation.



ICTs are used for various uses and fines. Solve doubts and concerns, digital access to conferences and webinars focused on The Quality Mind program.


Spiritual retreats

Space for relaxation and connection with nature. In environments prepared and designed for reflection and the search for your true essence.

The Quality Mind presents a

Preethaji, philosopher, teacher, and spiritual guide, recognized throughout the world for her courses, conferences and books. Diana Figueroa coach from TQM, talked with her about her most recent book The Four Sacred Secrets, where words such as inner truth, beautiful state, obsessive thought, among others stand out.


The Candles are made with elegant designs, designed for the different spaces of


If you are a regular reader, this book will transform your life, leading you to


For a long time and multiple ancient cultures, essences are valued for their med


The Quality Mind Masterclass

This program strengthens organizational growth, generates well-being in people, improves the ability to make balanced decisions, projects us to live in unity and teaches us to communicate effectively.


For The Quality Mind, the sense of serving is an important part of that connection that our being needs to understand and make with the universe. We are all one.

Communication processes are not always so easy to execute smoothly and clearly because we put up barriers with the receiver of my message. With TQM, a new panorama of how to communicate with others was opened up for me

Leandro Bravo
Social Comunicator

The change with my attitude is impressive, the way I see life now and the connection I have with others, after the TQM experience. I recommend it without a second thought

Danissa Sandoval
Industrial engineering

Investing my time and money in this program has been the best decision I could have made. It improved my work life and now I get on well with the difficult situations

Carlos Torres
Graphic designer
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